Our Head Gardener, Fergus Garrett, invites you to explore a varied programme of topics that explore gardening the Dixter way. 


This collection of ten lectures were produced between 2020 and 2022 and will be available to view at your leisure for twelve months. 

The titles include:

- 1. Winter Work at Great Dixter

- 2. Dixter Tricks

- 3. Pruning

- 4. Spring at Great Dixter - Borders and Layers

- 5. Integrating Annuals and Biennials into your Borders

- 6. Painting Pictures with Plants

- 7. Christopher Lloyd Centenary Lecture

- 8. The Exotic Garden

- 9. Putting together a sunny summer border with a long season

- 10. Biodiversity at Great Dixter


To purchase the collection, please follow the 'book' link below. You will be redirected to our Vimeo page and the lectures will be immediately available.