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Great Dixter Biodiversity Audit 2017-2019 (PDF)

Appendices – Archaeology and History (6 documents)

1. Great Dixter Historic Landscape Report (PDF)

2. Great Dixter Historic Landscape Report – Appendices (PDF)

3. A Brief Archaeological Interpretative Survey of Ancillary Farm Buildings (PDF)

4. Great Dixter Magnetometer and Resistivity Survey Report (PDF)

5. Great Dixter Synthesis of Historic Research Documents (PDF)

6. Great Dixter Estate Archive Research Report (PDF)


Appendices – Bird Surveys (1 document)

1. Great Dixter Breeding Bird Survey 2018

Appendices – Invertebrate Surveys (5 documents)

1. Great Dixter Estate Invertebrate Survey

2. Appendix 3. Great Dixter Invertebrate Survey

3. Great Dixter Estate Butterfly Survey.

4. Appendix 1. Great Dixter Invertebrate Survey Report Data & Species List

5. Appendix 2. Great Dixter Invertebrate Records

Appendices – Plant Surveys (4 documents)

1. Great Dixter Vegetation Report

2. Section 5 Philip Sansom Appendix on Ancient Woodland

3. Great Dixter Lichen Report

4.Bryophytes of Great Dixter