House and Estate

Great Dixter is made up of three houses, one built here in the mid-15th century with slightly later additions, the second a yeoman’s house from Benenden, across the border in Kent, built in the early 16th century and moved here in 1910, and the third combines the two with additional accommodation, completed in 1912.

The medieval part of the house (Great Hall, Palour and Solar) is open to visitors from 1pm to 4pm during normal opening times.

A guide is on hand in each room to explain the house’s history and answer questions.

Find out about the different parts of the House and estate

Explore the links to the left for information about the house, the Great Barn and Oast, and other estate buildings, as well as sustainability and the encouragement of biodiversity on the estate.

Watch a short film:

(7m 21s) On the Lloyds, Lutyens and the private part of the house. 2013.