The Exotic Garden at Great dixter by Carol Casselden

Great Dixter’s garden in Christopher Lloyd’s words. 

You can walk through the ‘hovel’, an old cow shed, on to the site of a one-time cattle yard (with their drinking tank in the centre), where Lutyens designed a formal rose garden. Thanks to replant disease, newly planted rose replacements ceased to thrive here, so on Fergus’s arrival at Dixter, we made a grand alteration, got rid of the roses and created a late summer to autumn garden for tropical effect, though many of the best foliage plants are quite hardy. This has been a lot of fun. For colour, we are mainly using dahlias and cannas. There is a haze of purple from self-sowing Verbena bonariensis. A white, August–September flowering shrub, Escallonia bifida, is usually besieged by butterflies. The banana, Musa basjoo, is a hardy Japanese species.

Fergus talks about the Exotic Garden, 2018