Nursery Catalogue

**Mail order is now available**

How to check for availability

Use our Nursery Catalogue to check for availability of plants, select plants and add them to the enquiry list. View your selection and send it to the Nursery. (Plant photos taken at Great Dixter – majority by Carol Casselden).

What happens next

We reply to your list within 3 working days with availability of plants. Then, if you would like to proceed with an order, please contact us by telephone with credit or debit card details. If you do not receive an email from us within a week of making contact, please check your junk email folder before getting in touch.

Mail order delivery

Our delivery service begins again in October 2017. Until this time plants can be ordered in the usual way (as described above) and collected in person. Or, you can visit our nursery without pre-ordering and individually select your plants from what is available on the day.

From October 2017 plants will be sent by Business Post courier on a 72 hour signed delivery. For P&P charges and information on plant availability click here. Collection from the nursery will also be available.

Award of Garden Merit (AGM) Sun Part shade Shade Plant Breeder's Rights
Pollinator Too fragile for despatch Sc2 Clematis Key — Read more

Pachyphragma macrophyllum

A semi-evergreen perennial from the woods of N.E. Turkey with glossy dark green leaves and heads of four-petalled white flowers in March and April. A tough... More Info »

Paeonia delavayi

Shrubby species with smallish maroon flowers always attracting attention. Good foliage. Up to 2m. May. More Info »

Paeonia mlokosewitschii

The famed herbaceous species with yellow goblets above beautifully rounded foliage. April-May. 80cm. Young plants.

Panicum virgatum Heavy Metal

A steely grey green form of Switch Grass that sits bolt upright at 5ft tall, never flopping or leaning, creating a smoky haze of stems and flowers... More Info »

Panicum virgatum Squaw

Has great movement with a wash of burgundy red tipped leaves and flowers swaying in the faintest breeze. 1.2m. More Info »

Papaver dubium ssp. lecoqii var. albiflorum

Beth's Poppy. A marvellous annual poppy with tiny little pink flowers on tall stems flowering in spring and making the most elegant ‘run through’... More Info »

Parahebe catarractae Porlock

Evergreen semi-shrubby veronica making excellent ground cover in full sun. Covered with rich mauve ‘granny’s eyes’ from May till autumn. 30cm.

Parahebe perfoliata

Diggers’ Speedwell. Evergreen perennial with spreading stems and glaucous blue leaves, slightly leathery in nature. Saucer-shaped blue flowers are produced... More Info »

Parahebe Snowclouds

This veronica has a sprinkling of white flowers with pink eyes over blue green foliage April to June (or longer). Useful either in a pot or low-growing in a border... More Info »

Paris polyphylla

An exotic looking hardy perennial with whorls of bold green lanceolate leaves arching like umbrellas... Prices start from £10.00. More Info »