Refreshments Loggia – Not Open


The spring of 2019 saw the completion of a new kitchen and catering improvements at the Loggia. A home-cooked and hearty offering is available incorporating produce grown in the vegetable garden, alongside tea, freshly ground coffee and home-made cakes.

Seating is located at tables in the shop garden and under the cover of green-roofed shelters.

Please note: no picnics in the garden. Tables are provided on the grassy car parks for those wishing to bring picnics with them.

Packaging and the environment


We have sourced a range of packaging that is compostable, recycled, recyclable or degradable for serving our food and drinks.

Items that look like plastic (cold drink cups, cutlery, hot drink lids etc.) are made from plant-based PLA and are compostable and carry 79% less embodied carbon than plastic. The plates are made from recycled sugar cane and carry much less carbon than paper plates. The napkins are made from recycled fibres and are unbleached. The carrier bags we use in the Shop are made from corn starch and are degradable.

Our milk comes from a mile down the road at Northiam Dairy.