Christopher Lloyd formed the Great Dixter Charitable Trust in 2004. Today Dixter inspires visitors with its exuberant and dynamic style of gardening. The surrounding estate with its meadows and ancient woodland are managed in the traditional manner to maximise biodiversity and sustainability.

Great Dixter represents a meeting of two worlds – the ornamental and the managed amongst the natural and the wild. Today, Fergus Garrett builds on Christopher Lloyd’s legacy by passing on the skills and knowledge required to future generations.

The garden, house and education programme cost the Trust over £1 million a year to run. Around £700,000 of this comes from visitor, nursery and event income but the remaining £300,000 has to be found from donations as the Trust receives no regular public subsidy.

Dixter relies on its Friends to help maintain its unique environment and support a horticultural training programme for gardeners of all ages and backgrounds.