Education Fund

At the heart of Great Dixter is its horticultural training programme. Gardeners of all ages and backgrounds are taught the skills and knowledge needed to achieve the highest levels of horticultural practice. Children are introduced to gardening and wildlife conservation through creative and outdoor activities at Dixter farm. Trainees help in the wood workshop in the Great Barn and assist with maintenance.


In 2015 Great Dixter received generous support to sponsor a Christopher Lloyd scholarship and a North American scholarship. There were also grants for estate worker trainees, for the schools and early years programme and funding for an annual horticultural careers conference which will also take place in 2016.

In 2016 projects that need support include:

  • Student sponsorship to learn traditional skills in high intensity flower gardening, £17,000
  • Young gardener trainee posts, £14,000
  • Woodworking and estate maintenance trainee posts, £14,000
  • A nursery apprentice, £14,000
  • The schools programme at Dixter farm, £5,000

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