The South East has experienced a drought over recent months. There is now a hosepipe ban in our area, however, this doesn’t include us a garden open to the public. Despite the drought, Great Dixter Gardens is still full of colour and interest.

We are very proud that each flower bed has had no more than four waterings for the whole year as we know what a precious resource water is.

So, how have we kept the garden looking so good?


Of course, we have a dream team of hard working gardeners and students but the key to reducing stress in flower borders is to have as little bare soil as possible.

This is because when soil is bare, it bakes in the sun, it then becomes hydrophobic, meaning the rain runs off the soil rather than soaking in.

By planting densely and following Christo’s ethos of succession planting, as well as continuously improving our soil with our home made compost, our plants are strong and healthy in spite of the lack of rain.

Great Dixter is a garden that reaches maximum impact as the year goes on, there is so much interest right into Autumn.


We look forward to welcoming you.