Great Dixter is an historic house, a garden, a centre of education, and a place of pilgrimage for horticulturists from across the world.

Great Dixter was the family home of gardener and gardening writer Christopher Lloyd – it was the focus of his energy and enthusiasm and fuelled over 40 years of books and articles. Now under the stewardship of Fergus Garrett and the Great Dixter Charitable Trust.

“If Dixter remains loved and retains its own identity, everything else will fall into place.”Christopher Lloyd, Nov 2005

Businesses Supporting Nature

Great Dixter is inviting businesses to join with us to support an exceptional place for nature – biodiversity at Great Dixter


Author: Emma Davies

The Adam Greathead Award

The Adam Greathead Award will enable someone to spend six months working and learning at John Massey's Garden at Ashwood Nurseries in the West Midlands and six months here at Great Dixter in East Sussex. Now open to applicants!


Author: Catherine Haydock

Become a Friend

Support the work of Great Dixter by becoming a Friend.


Author: Catherine Haydock

The 2023 Appeal

This Fund is needed to help fill the gap left from reduced visitors post pandemic for general funds and also to allow Fergus to realise his vision for the place. This could be: training scholars, urgently required restoration projects, core costs etc.


Author: Emma Davies

Latest events

  • Winter work study day

    This study day offers a timely opportunity to get ahead in your garden over the winter and learn how to plan and prioritise tasks so as to take the pressure off in spring- this is one not to miss if you are a serious gardener. Read more

  • Layered Planting: an intensive 5-part online Symposium

    Running from January to May 2024, Head Gardener Fergus Garrett will share his knowledge and skills with you, guiding you towards creating your own long season borders in the Dixter style, through a combination of online lectures, live Q&A sessions and tailored written support material. Read more

  • Succession planting in the mixed border study day

    Fergus will use the garden at Great Dixter to illustrate how you can create a long-season border using succession planting. Examining the garden in February gives you an opportunity to see the gaps within the borders and learn how to fill them. Read more

Items of interest

  • Cafe

    The Loggia Cafe serves a delicious range of home-made lunches and refreshments. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options are available. Please inform staff if you have any special dietary requirements or allergies and they will endeavour to help. Read more

  • The Nursery

    The Nursery was started by Christopher Lloyd in 1954, specialising in plants he deemed garden-worthy. We remain a small, personal and professional nursery. Read more

  • Families

    Great Dixter is a magical place for families to visit. Garden Explorers is an adventurous group for toddlers and carers which takes place each Thursday and Friday morning at Great Dixter. Join our mailing list to book a spot. Read more

  • Business Declares

    Great Dixter is proud to be a member of Business Declares and joining the fast growing network of organisations who acknowledge the Climate and Ecological Emergency. Read more