How we keep are Café as Green as the Gardens

Here at The Loggia Café at Great Dixter we are committed to ensuring to be as environmentally sustainable as we possibly can.

How do we do this?

Firstly, we do not use plastics. There has been a lot of pressure on the Government to ban the use of single use plastics in the UK. Something we whole heartedly agree with.

So how do we as a food and beverage outlet ensure that we are ahead of the game?

We use a product called Vegware.

Vegware is made from plants using renewable lower carbon, recycled or reclaimed materials and are designed to be commercially compostable with food waste. Compostable is a practical solution for single use food contaminated disposables allowing us to achieve our sustainability goals.

The company we use to dispose of our waste is called Reef Solutions. They take all our compostable waste to a compostable landfill.

The companies we buy our Vegware from are Cups direct, BioPak and Together we are ensuring a greener and more sustainable future.

We ask that when attending the Loggia Café at Great Dixter that you take any plastics you brought with you away to be recycled at your home or using local recycling centres. This way we can continue to uphold our commitment. However please feel free to bring your own re-usable water bottles and we will quite happily re-fill them at no cost.

As we move forward, we sincerely hope that less and less single use plastics are used and more sustainable products like Vegware become the norm and more frequently used by outlets like us.

If you have any further queries, then please do not hesitate to call in at the Loggia Café where our team will be happy to answer your questions.