Study Days

Study Days at Great Dixter with Fergus Garrett

Fergus Garrett
Study Days are led by Head Gardener Fergus Garrett and held at Great Dixter House and Gardens. Developed by Christopher Lloyd and Fergus Garrett, this programme is in its eleventh year. Each Study Day includes a lecture in the house as well as talks and demonstrations in the garden. Subjects are tailored to provide insight into the Great Dixter ethos of gardening. Refreshments and lunch are provided and there is a 10% discount to attendees on plant sales in the nursery on the day.

Other tutors:

Marina Christopher, Aaron Bertelsen, Michael Morphy and Kathleen Leighton

Study Day subjects in 2017 with Fergus Garrett:

  • Getting the Garden Ready on 27th Jan
  • Succession Planting on 6th Mar | 24th Apr | 25th Sept
  • Good Planting on 13th Mar | 26th Jun
  • Nursery Propagation (led by Michael Morphy) on 10th Apr | 18th Sept
  • Meadow Gardening on 15th May
  • Umbellifer Day (led by Marina Christopher) on 17th July
  • Exotic Gardening on 4th Sept
  • Kitchen Garden Day (with Aaron Bertelsen) 2nd Oct
  • Integrating and Using Bulbs on 20th Nov

Study Day subjects in 2018 with Fergus Garrett:

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