In May and June 2012 we were extremely lucky to have Tony and Michele Russell, Evan Jones, Richard Price and Greg Hitchcock come and conduct exploratory surveys for arachnids and invertebrates in the garden and woods at Great Dixter. Following these initial visits during which 90 species were identified, a late-season survey took place in October. Here are links to the spider and invertebrate data sets, which contains two notable species, pictured below, and the report on the two visits, which includes data sets. They were particularly interested by our three large compost heaps.

Sibianor aurocinctus

Marpissa mucosa

On the 16th November 2013 Evan Jones came to Dixter to give a talk on the wonderful world of spiders including those found at Dixter, their habitats and weird and wonderful adaptations. There is a brief write up of the day including videos of some zany Australian cousins on the All things Wild blog.