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If you want to know more about family activities at Great Dixter please contact Catherine: education@greatdixter.co.uk

Garden explorer club

Garden explorers is an adventurous group for toddlers and carers which takes place each Thursday and Friday at Great Dixter between 9:30 and 11:30 (10-12 during the school holidays), based from our education centre at Dixter Farm. Sessions are based around seasonal activity in the garden and on the estate, from seed planting and cooking using vegetables we have harvested from the garden, entering the local horticultural society show, to minibeast hunts, having fires in the woods and making musical instruments. Sessions are usually run by Education Officer Catherine, with special guest appearances from time to time.

There is usually a story and a walk, and always a drink and a snack (which we often make during the session) with an all essential (proper) coffee for the adults.

Garden explorers is suitable for toddlers aged 2-4. Older siblings are welcome during the holidays, and younger so long as buggies are robust enough to make it down to the woods and carers willing to push or carry. There are quite a lot of steps around the garden so we usually abandon buggies somewhere and collect them later. We go out in all weathers and quite often end up messy so suitable clothing is essential!

Each session costs £5.00 per child. Siblings are half price. Accompanying adults and babies are free.

Please note that parents or carers are responsible for direct supervision of children. 

To book a place email: education@greatdixter.co.uk or tel: 01797 334042.

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Summer holidays

There will be sessions as usual over the summer. Starting at 10am and finishing around 12. Please email if you’d like to book a place.

The usual rules apply: Thursdays and Fridays are for preschoolers predominantly- older siblings welcome. Please only book these if you have a little one.

The other dates are for school aged children- again little ones welcome but please these are mainly for the older ones.

I usually use the weather as a cue to decide what we are going to do but I know some people are keen to have some holiday garden sessions so I’ve put an indication of what we will do below – please bear in mind that if it looks like rain we may wimp out and go the garden instead if it says woods.

Sessions cost £5. Siblings 1/2 price.

Dates are:

24th July older ones- woods session
26/27 July preschoolers – woods session
30th July- older ones – garden session
2/3  Aug preschoolers – garden session
6th August – older ones – woods session
8th August – older ones garden session- FULLY BOOKED
9/10 August – preschoolers woods session
15th August – older ones woods session
16th/ 17 August -preschoolers garden session
20th august -older ones woods session
23/24 august- preschoolers woods session
27 August – older ones woods session
30/31 August – preschoolers garden sessions

Meet at Dixter Farm.

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All activities are risk assessed. Please ensure that you provide the Catherine with any specific needs of your child. Please follow this link for additional health and safety information.


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