In 2006 Christopher Lloyd bequeathed his share in Great Dixter to the Great Dixter Charitable Trust, along with royalties on his books and most of his investments. However, there is no substantial endowment attached to the estate. The creation of a reserve fund to support running costs is key to our continued ability to train gardeners and maintain the innovative, intensive plantings and high standards of horticulture practiced in this important garden.

The Orchard Meadow at Great Dixter by Claire Takacs

Advantages of charitable bequests

There are inheritance tax advantages in the United Kingdom if you donate 10% or more of your estate to a charity such as Great Dixter. This can bring down the tax liability on the rest of your estate by 4%.

When you inherit you can also benefit from these rules. If your relative or friend has already bequeathed 5% of his or her estate to charity you can give a further 5% to the Great Dixter Charitable Trust to take this over the 10% threshold. As a result your inheritance tax will be reduced.

To find out about these beneficial arrangements ask your solicitor when you make your will or have received an inheritance.

Making a gift in memory of someone

You can support Great Dixter by making a gift in memory of a relative or friend. Whether or not this takes the inheritance tax liability over the beneficial 10% threshold, it will still be excluded from inheritance tax because we are a charity so please inform the solicitor who is dealing with the estate.

Information you will need

The registered charity number of the Great Dixter Charitable Trust is 1134948 and the address is:

Great Dixter Charitable Trust, Great Dixter, Northiam, Rye, TN31 6PH

You can specify that you would like to leave a set sum, the residue, part residue or a proportion of your estate.

If you would like to make a contribution to the future of Great Dixter by leaving a gift in your will, please contact:

Linda Jones, Friends of Great Dixter, Great Dixter, Northiam, Rye, TN31 6PH
Email: [email protected]